Hi there! I’m an owner of a completely brand new house, and looking for share mates.

ROOM A: 40,00yen plus utility costs 10,000yen

ROOM B: 37,000yen plus utility costs 10,000yen

There are 2 rooms on the 3rd floor. One room is big enough. The other one is a bit small, but has a small balcony.  Each room is equipped with single bed.

2nd floor will be a living room, kitchen and laundry space.

There is a garage for bikes.

There are 2 toilets on the 1st and 3rf floor.

The house is located at 15min walking distance from Kakuouzan station (Higashiyama Line), which is a convenient station access to Nagoya or Sakae. If you use a bike, it takes about 7 min from home to Kakuouzan station.